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Obtain legal parenting rights to your stepchildren

You may love your stepchildren as if they were your own, but in the eyes of the law, you don't have the same rights as their biological parents do in regards to their health and welfare. Change all of that by adopting them with help from the Law Office of Sallie. L. Rubenzer.

Although many states have made the adoption process a little simpler for stepparents in comparison to others who are trying to adopt, you still have to complete home studies and criminal background checks and obtain consent from the noncustodial parent. These procedures vary widely by state and should be completed with help from an experienced attorney.

Navigate adoption requirements easily

A biological parent may be willing to terminate their parental rights and consent to adoption by the stepparent. If the biological parent will not consent, you may be able to have their parental rights involuntarily terminate if you are able to establish abandonment, extended periods of no contact or no support or other statutory criteria. An experienced family law attorney can be of great assistance with this complex process. When the noncustodial parent gives their consent, they also give up all child-related rights and responsibilties.

Termination of Biological Parent's Parental Rights

Get the high quality of legal counsel you deserve to ensure the adoption process goes as smoothly as possible.

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